History of Cyto

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? ? ? ? ? Nowadays, environmental problems are very serious. Throughout human history, people have been generating their own power by using natural resources. In a changing world, they have used technology which has damaged our environment. Thus, it is time to look back and think about the effect we have on our environment. You can start by reducing soil pollution with ?Cyto Organic Fertilizer?

? ? ? ? ? Our Cyto organic fertilizer focuses on increasing productivity, reducing the expenses, decreasing the change for land to turn infertile due to adverse side effects of the chemical fertilizers, and increasing incomes in the community. Moreover, our organic fertilizer consists of up to 50% of bat droppings and also contains many significant local materials. They provide lots of nitrogen, which plants need for leafy growth In addition, for more quality, we add chelate to keep a micronutrient from undesirable reactions in solution and soil and in turn contribute to the productivity and profitability of commercial crop production. Furthermore, we have experts who have been working and researching fertilizer and agriculture. They continuously strive to develop plant-specific special manure based on identified needs and soil characteristics and also check at every stage of production

? ?Cyto organic fertilizer has been registered from the Department of Agriculture No. 87/2553 and also has been registered as a 5-star OTOP in Suratthani
Give us your trust! We guarantee you will not be disappointed for choosing Cyto Organic Fertilizer.